Friday, 23 December 2016

Karcher K 5.85 M Plus Pressure Washer

Just about every home needs a pressure washer, and there are a lot of them to choose from. Unfortunately, with all these choices, it’s a little hard for a person to decide which one is worth buying, especially with there being so many that simply aren’t that good. 

Unlike those, this is one that may make some people really happy. Karcher isn’t particularly known by that many people out there, but if they make more pressure washers that are similar to this one, there’s a good chance that they’ll be a household name. It’s really not too and on the budget, and it’s actually has the power to be a solid choice for home use.

The Karcher K 5.85 M Plus Pressure Washer is outfitted with an induction motor, this is a motor that lasts up to 3 times longer than most of those available on the market. And that’s a pretty big thing with home pressure washers; they tend to go out somewhat quickly, leaving a person on the hunt for another. 

Induction motors have changed the way that people have thought about pressure washers, and while it may not be the end-all, this Karcher product really seems to have hit a homerun, as it works pretty well here. With the powerful motor, it’s reasonable to assume that it will be heavy. While it may not be especially light, it’s certainly not too bad, coming in at 45 lbs.

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Karcher K 5.85 M Plus Pressure Washer Features and Specifications

Onboard detergent tank

1 year limited warranty

Aluminum direct-drive axial pump

Patented DirtBlaster Spray Wand and Vario Spray Wand

The Reviews

It seems that people are pretty happy with their choice of a Karcher product, as it is one that people have been pretty happy with. Most people commented on how well the pressure washer holds up. 

One said that “I use mine just about every week and it performs well every time it starts up.” 

Another said that “It just works well, and while I have another pressure washer for heavier jobs, I’ve had no problem with anything that it’s doing here.”

Others, while stating that it is a great product; they have said that it is a bit more on the expensive side of things. 

One particularly said that “It does do the job that I want it to, but that’s what I expect, because it’s not the cheapest product out there.” 

Another said that “I didn’t want a cheap pressure washer, so I went with the Karcher. It cost me a little more than what I expected, but I still like what it does.”

While the Karcher product isn’t the cheapest thing on the planet, it certainly has proven to be effective for those who want their pressure washer to work well right out of the box. More than a few people have agreed that it does what you need it to, although it isn’t intended for the large jobs, as this is best used for home. If that’s what you happen to be looking for, there’s nothing wrong with choosing the Karcher K 5.85 M Plus.

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Pressure Washer Reviews | Karcher K 5.85 M Plus Pressure Washer

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